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The Magic of True Partnership

At one of the breakfast forum events at the ADMA Global Forum during MAD Week in Sydney at the end of July, the three panel experts agreed that a real challenge for modern marketing is execution. They said “we have got the best people and lots of great ideas but we struggle with execution”. To solve this, many CMOs are searching for smaller, more agile and specialised digital agencies.


ADMA Global Forum 2014


Karen Ganschow, the Head of CRM and Digital at Westpac said that she has started getting digital agency staff working in Westpac offices to integrate more tightly with the client team and some Westpac staff are even working from agency premises. We have adopted this approach ourselves with several of our clients and it definitely promotes deeper empathy and understanding between client and agency.

At Marketing Connections a couple of weeks ago a select group of specialised smaller agencies spent the day in a facilitated manner with CMOs and senior marketers from a mix of great brands, both B2B and B2C. From a small agency/sponsor perspective it provided an opportunity to connect with CMOs at a personal level and move directly to key discussion topics. A few key themes emerged : For further information the insights from MAD Week email me at

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