Increasingly marketing professionals are looking beyond email service providers and the top reasons for this are:

I need to be able to segment and target my database and provide personalised content to email recipients.
My email results are not as good as they were, I need to use other channels like SMS and social too.
Beyond open and click through rates I can’t report on my campaigns or quantify my ROI.
I want to be able to automate recurring emails such as Welcome, Birthday or Renewal messages.
Sales doesn’t know when I’m talking to propsects or customers and I don’t know when they are. We are not coordinating what we are saying or when we say it.
I wish I could send an email if someone on my website did...

Discover how Eloqua can help you move beyond email successfully.

Eloqua can help you

  • Complete sophisticated customer targeting and serve personlised content through the use of dynamic content, both on emails AND web pages.
  • Using apps from the Eloqua App Cloud you can engage your targets with SMS, social and retargeting campaigns all from within the Eloqua platform. Include telemarketing by having them complete a web based form that integrates directly with Eloqua…no more lost data or unmanageable spreadsheets.
  • Access better analytics through pre built reports and dashboards including reports and dashboard that cover the all important campaign ROI. Even the basic email analysis reports will tell you how many readers have filled in the form on the landing page linked from your email, and you can see which links have been clicked. All reports can be emailed on schedule to anyone within your organisation so you can easily keep everyone up to date with your successes. Through Eloqua Insight you have access to a full BI interface to build custom reports that suit your business needs.
  • Set up emails in a way that allows you to reuse a lot of your work, 'automate, don’t duplicate'. If every time you host an event you send a ‘thank you for coming’ email, get the software to do the hard work and send it for you. Trigger communications based on dates such as contract renewal or anniversary or even your customer’s birthday.
  • Provide your sales team with intelligence on which prospects are opening emails and visiting your website – meaning they know when they pick up the phone that they’re calling someone who is interested in your brand. Use Eloqua Engage to provide them with a set of “marketing approved” emails which they can personalise and send and you can track and report on! By integrating with your CRM system you can track each prospect’s engagement; not just with email, but with your website and social media profiles.
  • From a simple form submission to more complex business rules around viewing and interacting with multiple pages you can trigger outbound communications and internal alerts based on your customer or prospects digital body language.

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