Eloqua Insight is a powerful revenue reporting and analytics application which integrates data from your online marketing channels and the sales pipeline from your CRM system, to provide you with a single place to analyse each campaign’s impact on your company’s revenue.

In addition to closed loop campaign reporting, Eloqua Insight allows you to report on campaign engagement, website analytics, database health and if you purchase Eloqua Revenue Suite, revenue analytics as well.

Eloqua Insight meets five specific needs, each with its own set of pre-built marketing dashboards:

  • Closed-loop campaign reporting – helping you understand how marketing activities and campaigns are affecting your pipeline, revenue and ROI.
  • Campaign engagement reporting – designed to show you which offers, assets and marketing channels are gaining the most interest and conversion. Reports cover emails,forms, landing pages and social media.
  • Website analytics reporting – giving insight into website performance – who is on the site and how they are converting.
  • Database health reporting – so you can easily keep track of data quality and database size,
  • Revenue analytics (add-on capability with Eloqua Revenue Suite) – helps executives assess the health of the revenue cycle across five key revenue performance indicators: Value, Reach, Conversion, Velocity and Return.
  • Eloqua Insight is only available for Eloqua 10. For Eloqua 9 users there are a whole range of pre built reports you can access to review how your campaign is performing.

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