Five ways Eloqua helps you maintain your data quality:

  • Single repository of all marketing collected data – no more spreadsheets of event registrations or random lists that no one remembers.
  • Standard pick lists – set up picklists for fields that can be used on every form you produce from states to job roles you can standardise data in a way that means the same thing to everyone.
  • Ability to build automated programmes to cleanse data – if you receive data from sources you don’t control or have old data that isn’t quite up to your new standards you can quickly create automated programmes to clean and standardise your data.
  • Cloud apps – use tools such as to improve your data quality by populating fields that you haven’t collected.
  • CRM Integration – two way integration between Eloqua and CRM to ensure that your CRM is the single source of truth. Automatically transfer marketing qualified leads, updated contact information and activity data based on your business requirements.

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