Lead generation is the start of the process, the top of your sales funnel. We help you to build lead generation programmes that are sustainable and provide a steady stream of fresh leads which can be nurtured into marketing qualified leads ready to be passed to sales. Our focus is on helping you to identify new sources of leads, maximising the lead sources you have and ensuring that you are accountable for every lead in your list… leave no lead behind.

The keys to a successful lead generation programme:

  • Find different way to drive traffic to your website
  • Ensure your message is consistent with your driving message – does your outbound message match the messages on your web assets
  • Engage with prospects in a relevant way as quickly as possible
  • Provide lots of opportunities for prospects to hold up their hand and tell you who they are
  • Provide relevant and fresh content such that visitors will be willing to provide a piece of their information eg their email address, business size or area of concern in order to receive it
  • Use innovative approaches such as retargeting through banner ads or social media
  • Leverage direct and indirect sales resources and partners to provide opportunities for people to engage directly – for example signatures with new promotions and web urls
  • Ensure your sales team members have their own social brand and are active as thought leaders in the social space

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