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Eloqua Profiler*

Easily share the digital body language you have gathered about prospects with your sales team. In real time sales can quickly and easily review a prospects online activity and get real insight into the prospect’s interest level and purchase intent.

* Eloqua Profiler is an add on for Eloqua 9 and Eloqua 10.

Eloqua Engage*

Eloqua Engage allows marketing to build and maintain a set of emails that Sales can access, personalise and send to buyers throughout the buying cycle. Sales can use Eloqua engage through the web, directly from within their CRM system or on the go via an iPad app. All sent emails are recorded in Eloqua within your CRM system on the contact record. Importantly all emails are tracked so it is easy to see which emails were sent to each contact and most importantly how the recipient responded to the email.

* Eloqua Engage is an add on for Eloqua 9 and Eloqua 10.

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