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Marketing Decisions conducts a range of training courses for Eloqua users. Various group sizes are catered for and you can choose to have the training onsite at your offices or alternatively at our Queensland headquarters where we can accommodate up to seven (7) participants.

Courses include:

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  • 2 Day Hands On Eloqua 101

    This is our most popular course, designed for new Eloqua users. This course covers the basics from data management to setting up and executing campaigns. At the end of this course you will have the knowledge to upload data records into Eloqua, create emails and landing pages using standard Eloqua functionality, upload HTML assets created outside of Eloqua, set up campaigns on the campaign canvas, set campaigns live and produce detailed campaign reports. This course will also give a basic introduction to various other Eloqua features such as custom data objects, lead scoring and program builder.

  • 2 Day Advanced Eloqua

    This course will help you to unleash the full potential of your powerful automation platform. This course is for those who have completed the Eloqua 101 course or have been using Eloqua for a while and are now looking to execute more complicated campaigns or take advantage of some of the more sophisticated features such as advanced custom reporting or program builder.

  • 1 Day Campaign Management

    This course is designed to get you thinking about your overall communications with your prospects and clients. Starting with the big picture view we discover your buyer’s journey and then plan campaign approaches based on best practice to align with that journey. By the end of the course you will have mapped out existing and required content and messaging to optimise campaigns for your prospects and customers.

  • ½ Day Multi-Channel Campaign Implementation

    Through Eloqua you can automate how you connect over a multitude of different channels such as email, SMS, telemarketing, direct mail, social, web advertising, web content. We can show you how this can be done in Eloqua and guide you with best approaches based on our own experiences.

  • ½ Day Lead Scoring Best Practice

    Learn the theory behind lead scoring and how this can be best applied to your business. Using the Eloqua ‘out of the box’ lead scoring solution, build a simple lead scoring program to identify cold, warm and hot leads and best practices for actioning these leads.

  • ½ Day Customised Lead Scoring

    Lead scoring is not always a one size fits all process. For those companies with more complex scoring needs, Marketing Decisions will show you how to build a custom lead scoring program, tailored to your specific parameters, using Eloqua’s program builder.

  • ½ Day Email Deliverability Best Practice

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that your carefully crafted emails will actually be seen by those being targeted. Filters are constantly picking out emails that don’t make the grade and sending them to SPAM folders. Meanwhile, an increasing number of emails are being opened on mobile devices. At Marketing Decisions we batch out millions of emails on behalf of our clients every month and we have dedicated hundreds of staff hours refining our approaches to maximise inbox delivery and optimise rendering of the email. This course brings out our best hints and tips to ensure an effective approach to your emails.

  • ½ Day Email Content Design Best Practice

    Once you have ensured that your emails are being delivered and display correctly you then need to consider how to best get your message across. This course will include a review of your current email designs and a review of best practice. How much text should you have ? Where should you place links ? What should you place in the top banner ? This course considers the worst mistakes that email marketers make so that you can be sure to avoid them.

In addition we can provide customised training, based on your company’s needs. Some of the topics we can cover include:

  • Lead Nurturing/Buyers Journey
  • Marketing Strategy and Best Practices
  • How to use Eloqua to meet your business goals

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