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Can you clearly define the business problems that you are solving through use of social media? Different businesses have different objectives when it comes to social media marketing but every business holds the common view that they need to be active in social media because it is an “expectation” of their customers. At Marketing Decisions our focus with social media is not to simply provide an outsourced resource to write posts on behalf of a client. Rather we deploy our experience to solve particular business problems for our clients through our social media efforts. We do this through our dedicated social media resource and the use of the world’s most comprehensive “one-stop” social media marketing software, the Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite.

These are some examples of typical business problems we solve through implementation of SRM and our best practice support:

  1. Sales growth

    Most businesses are striving to acquire new customers and growth in their business. Social channels provide enormous opportunity to guide sales efforts and acquire new leads. Our social listening tools monitor conversations across the entire web and can distil these into insights that matter for sales eg we can auto-tag a conversation as “intent to buy” and then automatically route that to the relevant sales personnel to follow up. Our SRM Social platform integrates with our Eloqua Marketing Automation platform. Segment your targets in Eloqua who may not have responded to your email and automatically post your messages in their Facebook news feeds using custom audiences in SRM. Alternatively, use our Social Marketing in SRM to easily publish a competition, or a game, a promotion etc and feed the submitted response details directly to Eloqua for automated nurturing by email. The viral nature of social will reward good content and your business can reach out to new audiences cost effectively.

  2. Customer loyalty and retention

    Reward your most engaged social contributors. Use our social analytics to identify the advocates and if nothing else, at least acknowledge their contributions.

  3. Service and support

    Set up workflow and automation in SRM to be highly responsive to customer complaints, negative sentiment and unfavourable trending. Integrate SRM with your CRM system to route support issues as they appear on social channels.

  4. Market research

    Most companies are oblivious to social conversations happening around them concerning their own brand, competitors and their industry. Marketing Decisions will show you how to filter out the noise and bring you insights which you can act upon. We have changed messaging for product launches in one region of the world, based on learnings from social conversations relating to the launch in other regions. The feedback is immediate and in most cases, deeply insightful and able to be acted upon.

  5. Sitting on the fence

    When it comes to social, many businesses feel concerned that they are not doing enough or are not doing the right thing. Generally senior managers are unable to go beyond meeting the expectations of customers by just being present in social channels to be in a position to measure the value of their social efforts. Is the investment you are making in social worthwhile ? Do you know if it would be better for you to divert these investments to other activities ? At Marketing Decisions we use the analytics of SRM so that we can clearly quantify the benefit of all social investments. We track leads referred from social right through to conversion in CRM. By integrating with Marketing Automation we bring a whole new level of analytics in order to measure value of social efforts.

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