Custom Eloqua Applications

Marketing Decisions SMS Connector App:

The SMS connector can be deployed for simple outbound messaging or for two way messaging with inbound messages captured in Eloqua for use in automation. Inbound responses can also be added to contact records.

SMS provides an additional marketing channel to complement email. SMS is very immediate and highly effective. It is a great enhancement, providing additional scope for marketers to manually or automatically send SMS via Campaign Canvas or Program Canvas.

  • Send SMS from an alias sender name or an automatically generated number.
  • Compliant with international industry standards for commercial SMS subscription management eg. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
  • Auto-generated HELP message response to provide company information.
  • Reply forwarding to an email address to instantly view responses via email.
  • Personalise messages by using either contact fields or custom object records.
  • Send time can be dynamically managed via merge from custom object records (or alternatively on Campaign Canvas).
  • Displays number of characters and messages as you write the message.
  • Messages greater than 160 characters delivered as single concatenated message.
  • Test your message send instantly from within the connector.
  • Record delivery status onto custom data objects or individual contact records.

The Marketing Decisions SMS Connector provides extensive reporting features within Eloqua, click here to view sample reports.

This app is available in the Oracle App Cloud Market here

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Marketing Decisions Predictor App:

Powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithms now allow us to improve our ability to predict outcomes. This is achieved by 'teaching' the algorithms, based on historic data with actual outcomes. The algorithm constructs and tests dozens of prediction sub-models finding data linkages and patterns well beyond human capability and then continues to 'learn' and adapt itself as further outcomes are fed automatically from Eloqua Marketing Automation in a closed loop.

When married with the Oracle Business Intelligence Platform which comes with Eloqua Marketing Automation we bring compelling modelling and analytics to support more informed decision making. The app not only leverages the Oracle BI reporting in Eloqua but also the native Eloqua lead score modelling and Eloqua Program Canvas automation.

  • Replace 'gut feel' with advanced mathematical modelling which continually learns and adapts to optimise predictions
  • Typical reliability in the 75-90% range
  • Drag and drop onto Eloqua Program Canvas to return a prediction value for use in Eloqua segmentation, automation and reporting
  • Leverage the Oracle Business Intelligence platform in Eloqua to analyse prediction attribute data and predicted outcomes to bring a raft of new insights to guide decision making
  • Easily segment audiences in Eloqua for campaign treatment based on prediction values
  • Use predictions to optimise appropriate communications from Eloqua eg outbound calls, VIP invitations, social and display ads etc
  • Use predictions for executive reporting eg forecast student numbers ahead of time, or improve retention through intervention targeted communications.

Drop and drag Eloqua Cloud App

Student Predictor Algorithm Snapshot

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Marketing Decisions Data Writer App:

A custom cloud app built to provide an easy and intuitive way of moving data between contacts and custom objects or between two separate custom objects. This app provides an easy to use interface with data mapping, filter tools and error reporting.

  • Cloud app can be added to Program or Campaign canvas
  • Choose source and destination for your data (contacts, custom objects)
  • Map to destination based on unique key or add search criteria to locate the record to be updated
  • Search mapping allows up to five filter criteria including field values, numeric comparisons, date comparisons and more
  • Choose what action to take if there is no match (skip record or create new)
  • Easy to use mapping interface for source and destination fields
  • Ability to write static values to destination fields

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Office 365 Calendar App:

Our calendar integration cloud app allows you to seamlessly create, modify or delete appointments in your Office 365 Calendar from any Eloqua form. Simply drag the cloud app onto your program or canvas and specify the details you want saved to the appointment. This application creates a centralised calendar which informs not only staff but also can render live available dates on a web page from a central calendar.

  • Cloud app can be added to Program Canvas or Campaign Canvas
  • Trigger the integration from any Eloqua form
  • Map the field values from contacts or custom objects to your calendar appointment
  • Landing page adapter allows the app to show available appointments in your calendar on an Eloqua form
  • Includes settings to create, update or delete an appointment based on date and time or appointment ID (in conjunction with landing page adapter)

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