Having successfully crafted and executed thousands of campaigns to date, our clients engage us to develop unique digital experiences, data driven journeys and custom campaigns such as:

  • Welcome campaigns
  • Complex lead nurturing journeys
  • Lifecycle and re-engagement campaigns
  • Onboarding campaigns
  • Multi-channel campaigns incorporating email, SMS, social, digital display, telemarketing and more.
  • Event campaigns
  • Product launch and education campaigns

… and many more!

To support your campaigns success, Marketing Decisions can also work with you to develop lead generation strategies and lead management processes including:

  • Strategies to unlock new lead sources.
  • Optimising existing lead generation activities.
  • Strategies to improve lead quality.
  • Strategies to increase volume to ensure your campaigns are receiving ample traffic.
  • Implement a broad or campaign specific lead-scoring model that identifies your marketing qualified leads.
  • Implement automated workflows to effectively route your leads to Sales.

Our campaign development approach

Our campaign development process blends our unique in-house skills in data analysis, communications, design, development and most importantly best practice know how. Using our leading marketing technology armoury, we can best incorporate each element of your automation campaign.

Marketing Decisions offers end-to-end digital campaign development. If it’s just planning or development that you need, you can engage our specialised staff at any phase of your campaign development process.

Phase 1 – Discovery

Marketing Decisions will conduct face-to-face workshops and consultation with your team in order to:

  • Understand you target market.
  • Define campaign audience characteristics and segments.
  • Review current communication strategy and approach.
  • Analyse relevant data i.e. website traffic, previous campaign engagement etc.
  • Develop and define campaign objectives and measurable goals.

Following introductory discussions, Marketing Decisions will conduct market research as required and industry benchmarking to inform campaign objectives.

Phase 2 – Planning

Applying our combined learning from our initial research and analysis, Marketing Decisions will carefully craft a campaign journey that will ensure we serve prospects with the right information at precisely the right time, at all stages of your buying cycle. The complete campaign plan will be presented to your team for approval and include:

  • Agreed definition of campaign objectives.
  • Our proposed methodology.
  • Outline data sources and data capture strategies.
  • Define campaign flow, high level messaging, timing and channels - including various paths to fit specific behaviours or business processes as required i.e. highly engaged path, accelerated path, dis-engaged path, call centre intervention, time sensitive path etc.
  • Define key metrics to be collected.

Following approval of the high-level plan we will proceed with more in-depth message development, defining tone, key information and refining its sequence. Marketing Decisions offers a complete content development and copy writing service or we can work collaboratively with your internal content specialists.

Phase 3 – Production

Our design and development teams will take the supplied campaign brief and bring the campaign to life with creative design solutions and leading development techniques.

Our initial designs will be presented for approval and design iterations completed where required ahead of development.

Marketing Decisions is committed to delivering an exceptionally high standard of development, ensuring all email and web pages are mobile optimised for optimal viewing across all popular email clients, browsers and devices. All Marketing Decisions code is thoroughly tested using Litmus for email and cross browser testing tools for web pages and results are shared with the client.

Our certified technology consultants will build out the campaign workflow across the elected platform/s i.e. Eloqua Marketing Automation, Social Relationship Marketing or Maxymiser etc. incorporating SMS configuration, display advertising and other digital tools as required.

Marketing Decisions can also be engaged to build out advanced campaign specific reporting, dashboards and lead scoring models to aid in performance analysis and lead management.

Phase 4 – Analysis and Optimisation

Upon setting your campaign live, Marketing Decisions is committed to its success. We will perform an in-depth review of the campaign performance and measure its effectiveness against the agreed objectives. Our review will include an analysis of what content is converting and what is not and drill down on performance per segment in order to refine or make recommendations for further improvements.

Our campaign analysis is carried about at regular intervals for maximum effectiveness.

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