Google Custom Audience Connector – User Data Policy

Google Custom Audience Connector – User Data Policy

I. Identity and Intent
The “Marketing Decisions Google Custom Audience Connector” application (hereafter “the Application”) is developed and managed by Marketing Decisions Pty Ltd (ABN 43 415 384 051). The Application is designed to facilitate integration between a client’s Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) and their configured Google Ads account. The Application requests access to first-party user data to perform operations such as adding, removing, or refreshing already existing customer match lists.

II. Data Collection and Use
The Application requests access to data from the client’s Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) and Google Ads account. The exact types of data requested will be disclosed at the time of the data request. The data will be used to enable the features and services of the Application, and to improve the Application’s functionality and performance. The data will not be used for any purpose that was not disclosed when the user initially authorized access.

III. Transparency and Disclosure
The Application is committed to providing clear, accurate, and comprehensive information about how it interacts with user data. Our privacy policy, available at [] (, fully documents our data practices. In-product notifications will also be used to inform users about how their data is handled. If there are changes in how we use data, we will update our privacy policy, notify users, and obtain their consent before implementing these changes.

IV. Permissions
The Application requests only the minimum permissions necessary to implement its features and services. We do not request access to data that we don’t need. Permission requests will be made in context, so that users understand why we need the data.

V. Prohibited Practices
The Application does not engage in deceptive practices. We do not misrepresent the data we collect or how we use it. We do not access, aggregate, or analyze data to be sold or distributed to third parties conducting surveillance. We do not mislead users or Google about our Application’s operating environment or make false statements about entities that manage our Application.

VI. Child-Directed Apps
The Application is not directed at children under the age of 13 and does not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children under the age of 13.

VII. Data Security
At Marketing Decisions, we prioritize the security and privacy of your personal information. We do not store personal information within the application. Instead, the application acts as a secure conduit, transforming data from Oracle Marketing Cloud and transmitting it securely to your Google Ads account. Our commitment to security is reflected in our choice of Oracle Marketing Cloud services for data storage, a solution known for its adherence to a comprehensive portfolio of security standards. We also ensure that our team understands the critical importance of security and privacy for our website visitors. Access to personal details is strictly limited and used solely for business purposes, reinforcing our commitment to protect your information.

VIII. Compliance with Additional Requirements for Specific API Scopes
The Application uses the ‘adwords’ scope in accordance with Google Ads SDK. Our use of this scope is in compliance with Google’s requirements for this scope, including:

  1. Appropriate Access: The access is necessary for the Application to function as intended.
  2. Limited Use: We use the data only to provide or improve user-facing features that are prominent in the Application’s user interface. We do not allow humans to read the data, except as necessary for security purposes or to comply with applicable law.
  3. Secure Data Handling: We adhere to security practices to ensure the security of user data.

IX. Enforcement
We access Google API Services in accordance with the Google APIs Terms of Service. If we are found to be out of compliance with these terms, Google’s User Data Policy, or any other applicable policies, we will take appropriate actions to remedy the situation.

X. Contact
Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this policy, you are encouraged to reach out to our Privacy Officer. You can communicate via email at or send
a written letter to:

Privacy Officer
33 King Charles Drive,
Paradise Point,
Queensland 4216

For more information on how we handle your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy at