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Our Technology Armoury

Marketing Decisions operates in the marketing technology space, crowded with a growing number of solutions to solve a broad range of challenges. Our partners are key to our success and have emerged as our technology of choice after careful evaluation of alternatives. Our team are always evaluating emerging solutions and expect to add further select partners in the future as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries with our creative campaigns.


Oracle is our key technology supplier and we have been partnered with them since 2011 as a Gold level partner. Marketing Decisions has been partnered with Eloqua (Marketing Automation) since 2007 as one of the first round of global partners. When Oracle acquired Eloqua in 2012 the partnership continued. Since then Oracle has continued to acquire best of breed, cloud marketing technology companies to form the Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC).

Today Marketing Decisions is active with Eloqua, Content Marketing, Oracle Social Relationship Management and Maxymiser, all products within Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our relationship with Oracle goes beyond just supply of technology to a much deeper cooperation with sharing of best practice, joint events, presentations and much more.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud

Oracle Eloqua equips marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools that help marketers engage the right audience at the right time in the buyer’s journey while providing real-time reporting and insights.

Key Benefits

Powerful targeting and segmentationbr

The Eloqua segmentation tool uses a simple drag-and-drop approach to build the most complex of data segments. Segmenting allows you to filter on all profile and behavioural data in order to highly personalise a prospect or customer journey and ensure your content resonates with the recipient. Good segmentation will also aid in reducing unsubscribes.

Campaign management

Marketers can easily get lost in the complexity of campaign creation. With Oracle Eloqua marketers are empowered to create dynamic campaigns that intelligently adapt the experience based on a buyer’s real-time activities. An intuitive digital whiteboard simplifies the campaign creation process by helping marketers envision each step in the experience to ensure they are reaching each audience member at the right time, with the right message.

Sales and marketing alignment

Eloqua enables your business to strengthen marketing and sales alignment by providing relevant communications, identifying the interests and sales readiness of buyers, and tracking web activities throughout the sales cycle. Eloqua sales tools allow you to empower sales to communicate and engage the prospect with precision by providing optimum visibility into the customer journey. Information can be shared freely between sales and marketing and are made available within the CRM immediately.

Lead management and scoring

Oracle Eloqua’s differentiated approach to lead scoring and management provides marketers with the strongest tools to understand a buyer’s true intent while effectively driving revenue. Eloqua’s powerful drag-and-drop lead scoring tool, let’s you easily aggregate profile and behavioural data to build the most robust lead score. Once identified, your high quality leads can be automatically fed to sales for contact.


Marketers are under increasing pressure to comprehensively show ROI for every marketing dollar spent. Eloqua Insight makes it easy to see exactly how your campaigns are performing. With pre-built reports and dashboards that cover every aspect of your campaign from asset performance to full closed loop reporting, you can see at a glance which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. CRM integration available with Eloqua can amalgamate information and satisfy reporting in one location. If your business needs are more complicated you can create customised reports and dashboards with an Eloqua Analyser license.

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Oracle Eloqua Apps

The Oracle AppCloud Marketplace features over 300 apps available for download. These apps can be integrated with your Eloqua software to enhance and expand its application. Marketing Decisions supports the following Eloqua apps:


Marketing Decisions is the exclusive Australian partner of the ZUANT app. The ZUANT app is used to optimise event lead capture. Marketing Decisions has used the app extensively with our higher education clients, who manage a large number of events.

Our higher education clients manage many events ranging from small information sessions to campus open days with thousands of visitors. Include the regular weekly school visits in this mix and we find the need to easily set up named events and capture leads both online and offline via iPads and iPhones. As an official Eloqua app cloud partner, ZUANT solves this problem. Marketing Decisions is the sole representative of ZUANT in Australia. We set up and configure the app for individual client use cases, we integrate this to Eloqua and we provide local end-to-end support as part of any subscription to ZUANT. Leads are then captured by a range of staff and automatically fed into Eloqua and then via rules into nurturing campaigns.

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