How will Marketing Automation benefit your business?

  • Allocate resources more effectively by streamlining and automating processes.
  • Invest more resources into campaigns that are proven to work.
  • Improve customer retention by nurturing right through the customer life cycle.
  • Use personalised dynamic content to communicate with customers based on where they are in the cycle and via channels most likely to convert.
  • Gain insights into your customer’s ‘Digital Body Language’.
  • Create your content based on facts - knowing exactly who your customers are.
  • Accurately report on ROI using powerful analytics.
  • Reduce your cost per lead by automating lead generation and management.
  • Score leads based on demographics and engagement parameters; route qualified leads to Sales.


Go beyond batch and blast email campaigns, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation offers so much more than your traditional email campaign platform and allows your business to:

  • Minimise repetitive processes and improve efficiency

    • Automate recurring emails.
    • Introduce personalisation at scale using dynamic content.
    • Trigger communication based on website visits, engagement or specific dates i.e. multiple website visit, event attendance, contract renewals, birthdays.
  • Adopt a multi-channel approach

    • Craft campaigns that incorporate email, SMS, social and display advertising all from within a single platform.
    • Capture customer data even when the conversation goes offline, with telemarketing integration.
  • Improve Lead Management

    • Nurture leads through the buying life cycle with automated personalised journeys.
    • Discover who is engaging and who is not - re-engage your inactive customers.
    • Qualify leads with Eloqua lead scoring in order to prioritise high value leads.
  • Quantify ROI

    • Access extensive out-of-the-box reports and personalised dashboards for more accurate ROI determination.
    • Go beyond open and click through rates to discover which leads are engaging with your content and follow their individual journey.
  • Enable your Sales team – know what is being said when

    • Unify messaging between Marketing and Sales.
    • Send ‘marketing approved’ emails on the go, using Eloqua’s stand-alone mobile app ‘Engage’.
    • Access Eloqua customer digital body language on the go, using Eloqua’s stand-alone mobile app ‘Profiler’.
    • Trigger internal alerts based on prospect/customer digital body language.
  • Integrate your Marketing and CRM platforms

    • Seamless transfer of data between your Marketing and CRM platforms.
    • Access marketing history and engagement data from within your CRM platform.
    • Enable closed loop reporting.
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