Maxymiser TRAINING 101 – Introductory (1 day)

Our ‘Maxymiser 101 – Introductory’ course is designed for new Oracle Maxymiser users. The course will cover the basics of platform navigation and how to access key functions. Campaign examples for content testing and for personalised web experiences will be considered including understanding Maxymiser analytics. Practical exercises will give trainees confidence to create their own basic campaigns. The course also addresses integration with Eloqua and shows how an Eloqua audience might experience personalised website content via a Maxymiser campaign.

Maxymiser Course Outcomes:

  • Understand each function of the Oracle Maxymiser platform and how they are related to each other.
  • Identify and track interaction of leads by analysing segments of visitors.
  • Learn how to conduct split testing and analysis of content.
  • Navigate around the predictive insights and get to know ‘who’ and ‘what’ is converting on your website.
  • Create a campaign to personalise content for an Eloqua segment.
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