Ten tips for getting the most out of Eloqua Software

Now that you are implementing Eloqua Marketing Automation software where do you go and how can you succeed moving forward? It may seem simple enough to get it up and running and let it sit, but unfortunately that is not the case. Just having the marketing automation technology is not enough to achieve results so let’s look at the things we find crucial to succeeding with Eloqua software.

Ten tips for getting the most out of Eloqua Software

1.  Lead scoring

Work with sales to define their “ideal” lead and then build a lead scoring program to rate each and every lead. Regularly review the lead scoring with your sales team to ensure that the criteria and ranking are passing only the very ripest leads to sales.

2.  Lead Nurturing

Set up a lead nurturing program so leads that aren’t yet ready for sales can be warmed…leave no lead behind!

3.  Customer life-cycle program

Don’t just sell to and then forget your customer’s until renewal – keep them engaged and informed with their own nurture campaign.

4.  Use dynamic content to truly personalise your messages

Use both explicit and implied preferences to make your messages highly targeted.

5.  Make your campaigns multi-channel

Use social, banner ads, ad words and SMS to get your messages out there. Don’t forget to track it so you can see what channels work best!

6.  Use progressive profiling to fill in the blanks

Ask questions that will help you identify your leads and when they are ready to purchase be creative, use surveys with rewards, spot polls or tell us in 25 words or less methods to get the information that will help you!

7.  Try out Eloqua Social Suite

This helps to really enable your sales team to make the most of the leads you pass to them or use Eloqua Social Suite to make social part of every campaign.

8.  Make use of the App cloud

Try some of the hottest apps, we recommend trying Vidyard for tracking videos or Data.com to add missing data pieces to your email.

9.  Customised reporting and business insights through Eloqua Revenue Suite

From closed loop reporting to in-depth business analysis to ranking your marketing efforts against others in the same vertical – see exactly where you stand and then adjust your marketing programmes accordingly.

10. Be a little creative

If you can dream it you can do it! (Almost) Anything’s possible. We’ve done all sorts of things with Elouqa like sending a one time use authentication code via SMS, provisioning movie tickets for loyalty rewards, creating calculators that show cost savings and capturing the data in Eloqua, creating loyalty memberships in a third party system and returning new membership numbers instantly. We have found Eloqua solutions to some complex problems, just ask us!

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