Every day we are working for our clients to reach the right target audience at the right moment, managing what has meaning and relevance for both our client and the recipient. To succeed with these goals, we orchestrate marketing communications automatically, across a number of channels: email, SMS, social, web, all underpinned by data management and integrated cloud marketing technology.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Decisions offers end-to-end Marketing Automation services using Oracle Eloqua software. Marketing Automation will allow you to process leads through your well-crafted marketing programs automatically. We design emails and pages with dynamic content that will target specific segments aimed for conversion. Enable your sales team by creating effective lead nurturing campaigns that qualify leads.

Marketing Decisions will work with you to create and implement customised campaigns. Through multi-channel automation, send emails, SMS or advertising on schedule, tailor content based on preferences, cleanse your data and monitor your leads and customer’s interactions with your campaigns.

Why Marketing Automation

More than just traditional email engagement, personalise your content to increase relevancy for your audience. Discover who is engaging with your content so that you can refine your campaign to capture more leads.

  • Extensive reporting to assist in quantifying ROI
    • Get more information beyond just open and click through rates. Discover who is engaging with your content and follow their journey
  • Streamline repetitive processes
    • Create email triggers based on actions from your website
    • Automate and personalise recurring emails
  • Enable your sales team – know what is being said when
    • Coordinate with sales to unify messaging to leads or customers based on their journey through the campaign
  • Lead Management
    • Re-engage non-active customers
    • Lead nurturing - foster leads through the buying life cycle
    • Quantify leads with Eloqua lead scoring
Benefits of Marketing Automation

We use Marketing Automation to empower your business.

  • Allocate resources more effectively
    • Invest more resources into what’s proven to work
    • Free-up human resources by streamlining and automating processes
  • Lead scoring and Lead Generation
    • Set up lead scoring parameters to qualify leads based on certain demographics and behaviours
    • Reduce the cost of leads by automating lead generation
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Qualify leads and send these to sales
    • Communicate effectively with leads who are at a different stage of the process
    • Implement a lead nurturing program, capture attention and communicate with leads based on their engagement with the campaign
  • Improve customer retention
    • Nurture right through the customer life cycle
    • Use personalised content to communicate with customers based on where they are in the cycle and where they are most likely to convert
  • Know exactly who your customers and leads are, and create your content based on facts
    • Gain insights into your customer’s “Digital Body Language”
    • Accurately track and report on campaigns using Eloqua Insights powerful analytics or upgrade to Eloqua Business Intelligence for fully customised analytics.
Eloqua can help you

Communicate more effectively with your leads through sophisticated targeting that serves personalised, dynamic content, both on emails and webpages.

Take a multi-channel approach by engaging your targets with SMS, social and retargeting campaigns, all from within the Eloqua platform. Capture their information even when the conversation goes offline with telemarketing integration.

More accurate ROI determination through access to complex reporting and personalised dashboards

  • Access to better analytics through pre-built reports and dashboards in Eloqua Insight
  • All reports can be emailed on schedule to anyone in the organisation
  • Eloqua insights gives you access to a Business Intelligence interface allowing you to build fully customised reports to suit your business needs

Reduce your workload by automating repetitive emails and processes

  • Automate personalised emails after an event has occurred, or set up reminder processes
  • Set up trigger communications based on dates such as contract renewals, anniversaries or customer birthdays

Integrate with your CRM systems to provide your sales team with website email and social customer engagement information so that they are prioritising ‘qualified leads’. Follow this up with a library of “marketing approved” email templates that you can track and report on from Eloqua Engage

The Eloqua app cloud market place has over 300 apps. Marketing Decisions exclusively represents one of these apps, ZUANT, in Australia to optimise event lead capture. We use this extensively with clients such as higher education who manage a large number of events. Marketing Decisions also has their own two-way SMS app.

Trigger outbound communications and internal alerts based on your customer or prospect’s digital body language

  • From a simple form submission to more complex business rules around viewing and engaging with content on your website know how your customers are interacting and refine your campaign for optimisation.

Campaign Management

Our team provides end-to-end campaign management. We conduct face-to-face in-depth workshopping with you, along with market research to determine who your target is and define their characteristics. This allows us to effectively begin nurture planning and will determine the steps in the nurture campaign and the style of copywriting and design we implement. In conjunction with our development team we then build and launch the campaign using Eloqua software. In the first stages of the campaign we collect all analytics and run reports to determine performance. We find what is working and what is not and refine the campaign for personalisation and performance.


To develop the objectives of the campaign, a half-day face-to-face workshop will be arranged at your offices. Here, we will work with you to determine who the audience will be, and what your current communications are with these targets. We will also define what messaging will be used at each stage of the campaign. We will take stock of the data and information you have available.

Market Research

We are dedicated to determining your customer journey and defining personas. We can work with your marketing department and have capabilities for performing primary and secondary research. We will perform a competitor analysis and determine industry benchmarks.

Nurture planning

Once we have determined where leads are in the customer journey we can then define messages they will need and when they will receive them. We then derive alternative journeys based on different pathways. This allows us to nurture leads by using dynamic personalised content to fit specific engagement behaviours. We will also provide you with a visual mock-up of the whole journey for your approval. At marketing Decisions, we believe that the best personalisation we can have is one-to-one.

Copy writing

We can work with you to create content that will match the journey created for the campaign. Our team of experienced copywriters can provide the final copy, or assist in refining copy your department has created. We are also able to provide placeholder copy whilst your department finalises content.

Design & Build

Our talented graphic designers can create anything from fully customised email and landing page templates to specific content including hero images, icons and infographics. Our web development team will build digital assets that fully integrate with your marketing automation campaign.

Marketing Decisions is proud to exclusively represent the real-time email content service, Liveclicker in Australia. Liveclicker presents personalised, refreshed content at point of email open, e.g. progressive image reveal, weather, countdown timer, web scrape, videos, polls and more. We have been able to add real-time relevant content that has enhanced the engagement rate on emails.


Within the Eloqua software there is a powerful Insights tool that has standard and custom reporting capabilities. Totally customised reporting can provide in-depth analysis of your campaign. Create easy to digest visual reports, that show key actionable insights.


We review campaigns based on performance in meeting objectives and engagement to find out what content is working and what is not. We analyse which content is most engaging to the segments that have been created and add further personalisation. This is done at multiple stages of the campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Social Marketing

Marketing Decisions will test and maintain the viability of your social media by creating trackable business goals through the Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite. We will help you better determine ROI with in-depth analytics that analyses campaigns and ‘listens’ to any activity regarding your brand and competitors. For example, manage users and content flow by creating teams and work flows. Run and manage campaigns across multiple platforms. SRM integrates with Eloqua and CRM to collect a holistic view of your customers and leads.

SRM can help you

Sales Growth
Social channels provide an enormous opportunity to guide sales efforts and acquire new leads. Marketing Decisions can help you configure SRM social listening tools to monitor conversations in your channels and across the entire web and can distil these into insights that matter. You can set tags to keywords and label them for behaviours e.g. ‘intent-to-buy’, this will allow you to pull qualified leads into a nurture campaign. Our SRM Social platform integrates with the Eloqua Marketing Automation platform.

Customer Loyalty and retention
Through SRM analytics you will be able to identify advocates, and how they are interacting with your company. You can acknowledge their contributions and reward their engagement.

Service and support
Set up workflows and automation in SRM to be highly responsive to customer complaints, negative sentiment and unfavourable trending. Integrate SRM with your CRM system to route support issues as they appear on social channels

Market Research
Learn who your customers and advocates really are, how they interact on social media and what they say about your brand and other products. Marketing Decisions will show you how to filter out the noise of social media and bring you actionable insights based on conversations you want to hear. We have been able to change the messaging for campaigns in one part of the world based on conversations of launches in other regions. The feedback is immediate and in most cases, deeply insightful and actionable.

ROI Tracking
It can often be challenging to determine the ROI of social campaigns, as tracking crosses multiple platforms. We use SRM analytics so that we can clearly quantify the benefit of all social investments. We track leads referred from social assets right through conversion in CRM. By integrating with Marketing Automation, we bring a whole new level of analytics in order to measure value of social efforts

Lead Management

Effective lead management optimises the buying process and produces higher conversion rates by exposing the right leads to the right content at the right time. We are experienced in creating lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns that engage customers at all stages of the buying process. We use proven lead scoring programs that identify qualified leads to be handed onto the sales team for contact.

Lead Generation
The main objective of lead generation is to attract and convert prospective customers. Our focus is to help you identify new sources of leads, maximise the lead sources you have and ensure that all leads are nurtured. Our team of experienced marketers have worked on lead generation campaigns across multiple industries and can work with you to create a targeted customer journey that will engage your customer segments.

Lead Nurturing
To nurture a lead is to foster potential buyers through the buying process, by developing relationships. Here we provide prospects with the right information at precisely the right time, at all stages of the buying process. Lead nurturing aims to build brand loyalty and influence prospective customers often long before they are ready to buy. Effective lead nurturing can increase the conversion of unqualified leads to opportunities.

Lead Scoring
Lead scoring is used to rank a lead’s perceived value to the company based on demographic information, engagement and behaviour. A set of base factors is set to determine what a good prospect looks like and, leads are ranked accordingly. These ‘qualified leads’ are then passed to the sales team for sales contact.

Marketing Decisions is experienced at facilitating the conversation between marketing and sales to determine what makes a ‘good lead’. We work with you to translate that information into a workable and manageable scoring model.

Eloqua has an easy to use ‘out of the box’ lead scoring model. If you have a more complex set of needs we can work with you to build customised lead scoring programmes which align with business objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Marketing Decisions team can optimise conversion by creating tailored, engaging and seamless customer experiences across multiple devices and channels. Through the use of Oracle Maxymiser Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) this can now extend to customised web experiences. Marketing Decisions will reach your business objectives and enhance your marketing efforts by creating hyper-personalised web journey's through complex multivariate testing, an intuitive visual editor, in-depth reporting and predictive insights.

Automatically qualify visitors to your site and create personalised nurture campaigns tailored to defined segments, for known and unknown visitors. Optimise journeys from real time data that shows how each user engages with specific content on your site. Test, analyse and learn using CRO powerful and in-depth analytics and predictive insights that take the guesswork out of tailoring journeys, and allows you to refine journeys for lead generation and conversion optimisation.

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation

Identify high value leads to your website
Track and analyse all visitor behaviour across devices and channels. Identify high value leads by analysing segments of visitors who convert, and track how they have interacted with your content.

Create Nurtures that convert
Once you have identified high value leads, you can then target and personalise content based on demographic and behavioural segments of visitors who are more likely to convert. You can create multiple nurture journeys that cater to visitor segments. If visitors are seeing relevant content that interests them they are more likely to continue in the buying process.

Personalise your web experience
Offer valuable content in exchange for personal information to convert unknown visitors to known. Create personalised journeys, add content based on previous behaviours, insert known visitor’s names to create one-to-one engagement. Automate journeys based on demographic and behaviour segments.

Test, analyse and refine
Be acutely aware of what content is engaging your visitors and moving them through the cycle. Find where visitors are dropping off and test new ways to keep them engaged. Run multiple parallel journeys to test effectiveness, engagement and conversion.

Maxymiser Can help you

Automated nurtures
With Maxymiser it is easy to define segments based on demographic and behavioural information. You can create nurture journeys based on how these segments specifically engage with the content on your site. Automatically apply these nurture journeys to visitors who fit into one of these segments, delivering relevant, tailored content to maximise conversion.

Testing and analyse
Connect to first, second and third-party data with the seamless Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) integration. Using extensive customer data, gain valuable insights and deliver the most relevant, personalized experiences with simple A/B testing, complex multivariate campaigns, advanced customer statistics and server side testing. This powerful tool is easy to use, and testing multiple factors at once means you will know what works most effectively in each segment.

Edit with ease
The intuitive visual editor means you don’t have to have specific design or technical skills to change sections on your page. Test how different wording works for different segments, change text size and use dynamic content to capture your audience. All in one easy to use interface. Maxymiser will also automatically optimise your page for devices, so no need for complex backend coding.

Predictive insights
Make decisions based on data and patterns captured within the platform. Maxymiser has native reporting algorithms that provide you with detailed insights about campaign performance and visitors. Increase ROI by knowing what is converting with who, and change content for conversion. By having so much information about your visitors and segments, you will be able to better predict their habits and pre-empt with targeted content.

Powerful and easy to use reporting that is interactive and intuitive. Access advanced filters to drill down on segments and individuals. Gain valuable insights from standard reporting and dashboards to in-depth, user level data. Maxymiser focuses on insight driven campaign analysis, easily build reports that reflect your business objectives.

Create an Oracle Digital Ecosystem
Seamless integrations with other Oracle Marketing Cloud software means that Maxymiser can leverage all data sources, to bring you powerful insights. Connections with your Data Management Platform, CRM, Eloqua and web analytics allows for an unparalled ability to optimise your marketing activities across channels and devices.

Mobile & SMS

As standard, everything we build at Marketing Decisions, from email campaigns to landing pages and websites are all mobile device optimised. We also ensure that all content can be viewed across multiple browsers.

We have developed a two-way SMS connector that can be used for a variety of purposes – from sending single use authentication codes, to event reminders and surveys. The connector can be as simple as providing one way outbound reminders, or link to Eloqua to record all outbound and inbound communications. This is an easy to use application that supports link tracking so you keep track of your communications across channels. Eloqua automation can then be used to act upon responses received.

Why Choose the Marketing Decisions SMS Connector

Our SMS connector is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in Sydney and uses the Eloqua Cloud Actions Platform. All connections between Eloqua, the Marketing Decisions SMS connector, servers and service carriers are secured with industry standard encrypted connections. We have a direct connection to all Australian carriers which allows us to ensure reliable end-to-end delivery and accountability.

Key Benefits of the Marketing Decisions SMS Connector
  • Adds another marketing channel in Eloqua, proven to return customers back to the journey
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Global delivery platform with compliant international opt-out management
  • Use directly on campaign canvas or in program builder
  • Two-way messaging to capture responses onto Custom Data Objects and Contact Records. We have used this for a range of campaigns e.g. confirming event attendance, surveys, checking in to see if assistance is needed etc.
  • Delivery reporting in Eloqua to see who has received messages


Marketers are under increasing pressure to comprehensively show ROI for every marketing dollar spent. Eloqua Insight makes it easy to see exactly how your campaigns are performing. With pre-built reports and dashboards that cover every aspect of your campaign from asset performance to full closed loop reporting, you can see at a glance which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. CRM integration available with Eloqua can amalgamate information and satisfy reporting in one location. If your business needs are more complicated Marketing Decisions can create customised reports and dashboards using Eloqua Analyser.

Eloqua Insight

Eloqua Insight is a powerful revenue reporting and analytics application which integrates data from your online marketing channels and the sales pipeline from your CRM system. This amalgamation provides you with a single place to analyse each campaign’s impact on your company’s revenue. Ensure all relevant people remain informed with the ability to schedule reports being sent to specific contacts, on a one-off or regular basis.

In addition to closed loop campaign reporting, Eloqua Insight allows you to report on campaign engagement, website analytics, database health and more.


Marketing Decisions is an Oracle Gold Partner. We have extensive experience integrating Eloqua Marketing Automation into your business. Our Marketing experience and expertise with Eloqua will help you to maximise the opportunity for your business. Our team will work with you to determine your business and marketing objectives to create customised campaigns, built for results. As well as providing Marketing advice we:

  • Configure the Eloqua software to suit your business
  • Compile and import prospect files
  • Merge prospect files with current customer databases
  • Design and build multi-channel campaign workflows
  • Build reporting
  • Provide performance reviews


As Marketing Specialists and an Eloqua Gold Partner our team provides hands on training courses to help you maximise the effectiveness of Eloqua and the other Oracle products we offer. We have a wide range of training programs from our two day Eloqua 101 training to Advanced Eloqua and best practice. We also offer customised Marketing based training including marketing strategy and lead nurturing. We cater to various group sizes and can conduct training onsite at your offices or alternatively at our Queensland headquarters.

Course Options

  • 2 day hands on Eloqua 101
  • 2 day Eloqua intermediate
  • 2 day Advanced Eloqua
  • 2 day SRM 101
  • 1 day Maxymiser 101

We can tailor our training programs to suit your company’s needs. Some of the topics we cover include

  • Lead nurturing/buyers journey
  • Marketing strategy and best practices
  • How to use Eloqua to meet your business goals and objectives
  • Social strategy and implementing Oracle SRM
  • Conversion rate optimisation (Maxymiser)
2 Day Eloqua 101 – Introductory

This is our most popular course, designed for new Eloqua users. This course covers the basics from data management to setting up and executing campaigns. The goal is for attendees to be able to independently create their own basic automated campaigns using templated assets.

  • Explain the Eloqua data models available and how they relate to each other, identify how each one is relevant to your specific business.
  • Navigate the platform and identify features.
  • Upload data e.g. event attendees for nurturing and export data.
  • Build and upload HTML emails using the native editor.
  • Build landing pages and forms using the native editors.
  • Build your first live multi-step campaign, incorporating an email, landing page, form and SMS (if included in your licence).
  • Build a lead scoring model in order to effectively identify high value leads in your contact database.
  • Execute campaign reports to review your campaign performance
2 Day Eloqua 201 – Intermediate

Our intermediate course is designed for Eloqua users who are looking to take their campaigns to next level. The course is based around the development of a client-specific campaign with data management, assets and automation planned and built. The goal is for attendees to be able to independently implement more advanced campaigns


  • Understand website profiling so that you can better personify your prospects based on their visit behaviours.
  • Use automated page tagging to drive automation.
  • Build an advanced campaign utilising Custom Data Objects.
  • Use of Eloqua Sales Tools – Engage and Profiler, to determine most appropriate use for your organization
  • Build progressive profiling into your campaigns so that you can progressively build a profile of your prospects
  • Use the Event module to manage multi session event registration and wait listing.
  • Configure Oracle AppCloud Apps for use in your campaigns (i.e. Webinar Integration, Service Cloud App, Form Submit Action)
2 day Eloqua 251 – Advanced

This is an intensive course designed for those who will essentially become full time Eloqua administrators. The course covers some of the more advanced Eloqua features which may have been covered in Eloqua 201 e.g. Program Builder and Advanced Reporting but in addition, all the set up and configuration elements of Eloqua are covered. Students must have attended Eloqua 101 and have been using Eloqua regularly for at least 2-3 months following Eloqua 101 training.


  • Use advanced Eloqua Data Tools to allow you to manipulate your data – cleansing, de-duping, deriving, calculating.
  • Use Program Builder to conduct advanced data manipulation.
  • Use Program Canvas to conduct advanced data manipulation.
  • Build a custom Lead Scoring model using Program Builder in order to illustrate the power of Program Builder.
  • Build your own custom reports and dashboards. (Analyzer Reporting License required)
  • Deep dive into the Eloqua setup area and security groups settings.
2 day SRM 101 – Introductory

This course is designed for new Social Relationship Management (SRM) users. This course covers the basics from setting up listening topics in Listen & Analyze to scheduling posts in Publish. The goal is for attendees to be able to independently create their own listening topics, monitor and manage all social channels, engage with their audience, publish social content, and analyse how their listening topics, social properties and campaigns are performing.


  • Understand each function of the SRM platform and how they are related to each other.
  • Navigate the platform and identify features.
  • Learn to assign new bundles, users and roles, teams, workflows, and label automations.
  • Learn to set up listening topics and custom indicators.
  • Learn to analyse and report on listening topics, social properties, and campaign data.
  • Set up own Engage panel and learn all actions available.
  • Create and schedule a post across all social media platforms.
  • Introduce Facebook template page and social media mixer.
  • Introduce custom analytics.



CLIENT: NSW National Parks
OBJECTIVE: To increase awareness and encourage young adults (18-34 years) to visit the National Parks and Wildlife Service website and parks. Achieve at least a 30% email open rates.
OUTCOME: An eye-catching automated campaign, gathering data and insights using kinetic functionality. With open rates above 100% the NPWS recorded a 79% increase in website traffice since the campaign launch.



CLIENT: University of South Australia
OBJECTIVE: Gather actionable insights from post graduate prospects in order to identify highest quality leads. Maximise conversion from enquiry to application, whilst minimising manual response handling.
OUTCOME: An automated, highly personalised multi-channel journey, with on demand performance reporting. Resulting in high engagement rates and increased conversions.