Eloqua Chat

Eloqua Chat

Every modern digital marketer knows that one-way messaging is just so – passe. These days, if you’re not really connecting with your customers, you’re really missing the point. And we don’t mean replying to comments on your business Facebook page…we mean really connecting.

We’re talking one-to-one, real, personal connections.

Authentic peer-driven conversations.

We’re talking Eloqua Chat.

Eloqua Chat is not just a chat tool. It’s not another chat bot and it’s so much more than your average ‘live’ chat. Eloqua Chat is an innovative and dynamic tool that breaks through the screen and creates real, authentic conversations between prospective or existing customers and your brand.

While many chat features give enquirers an opportunity to talk to ‘the brand’ – usually a nameless, faceless employee – Eloqua Chat provides an opportunity for enquirers to speak to real named people and to maintain a dialogue with them over time. It nurtures authentic and personal conversations that answer the prospective or existing customer’s specific questions.

Eloqua Chat is ideally suited to cater for conversations that occur over different time zones. A system of email and SMS notifications mean that even if one party goes offline, the conversation can continue once they are back online.

Deeply integrated with Eloqua, this chat solution serves not only as a conversation tool but also as a lead generation tool for brands. An Eloqua form catches enquirer details and feeds them straight into Eloqua, allowing the brand to continue to nurture the enquirer beyond the initial conversation.

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Eloqua Chat in action

The Australian National University is a pioneer in this space.

Peer-to-peer recruitment is a rapidly growing area in the higher education sector. However, current solutions on the market require the purchasing of additional software and training and they do not integrate natively with Eloqua. Integration with Eloqua funnels enquirers into marketing automation for subsequent follow up and nurturing.

ANU needed a unique solution that facilitated real, authentic conversations and leveraged existing Eloqua software.

It was at that point that Eloqua Chat was born.

In 2021 alone, thousands of conversations were started with ANU Ambassadors, even during COVID restrictions. This has resulted in an application conversion rate via Eloqua Chat exceeding all other channels.