Eventbrite Connector

Eventbrite Connector

Planning a great event takes a lot of time and effort. You may have spent weeks, or even months, researching, planning and locking in plans to ensure your event management team delivers the best experience possible for your attendees. The final step is listing your event on Eventbrite. You click ‘Active’, and people are starting to register. But how do we make sure these registrants show up to your event, either in-person or virtually?

If you already have Eloqua, the next logical step is to add the Eventbrite Connector into the mix. The Eventbrite Connector allows you to integrate your leads which have registered in Eventbrite, and nurture them in a completely automated way using Eloqua’s powerful canvas.

Bringing these leads into Eloqua is a no brainer, why would you create data silos when you could enrich your marketing automation platform, which is likely integrated to your CRM system?

Once these contacts enter an Eloqua canvas, leverage your already existing and on-brand email templates to send timely reminders to your registrants prior to the event. The Eventbrite Connector collects lots of data which allows us to personalise journeys down to an individual, so we know whether they have attended, are a no-show, cancelled or have requested a refund and send emails based on their behaviour.

As every good digital marketer knows, you need to be on top of reporting. Create a comprehensive on-demand Insights dashboard to have all the stats you could possibly need at your fingertips. This could include email metrics, but all the way through to how many people have registered and actually attended an event.