Live Content

Live Content

The humble email is no longer so humble. Image, text, button, repeat – boring! We bring emails to life with live, interactive content that increases engagement and sets you apart from the competition. Here is just a small snippet of what we’ve done in email:

Live Polls – Who is most likely to win this season’s reality show? Users vote in the email and see instant, live results showing what everyone else thinks.

Live Countdown – only 2 weeks left to apply for your university degree? Our Live Countdown timer counts down the days, weeks and seconds, live in the email. What a way to create urgency.

Live Scraper – scrape content live from your website into your email – great for news, upcoming events or latest blogs.

Live Weather – thinking of relocating to Perth? Our live weather content shows you that it’s bright, sunny and warm. And if it’s not? No problem, we can set the content to hide if the weather doesn’t meet certain criteria.

If it’s not live…it’s, well, dead? So don’t waste your time with dead emails. Bring yours to life!