Straight from the horse’s mouth

Anonymous Users – They’re Everywhere

Anonymous users, although often overlooked, have the potential to be just as valuable as the known users we tend to focus on. In fact, up to 80% of anonymous users receive zero marketing outreach. This, when as many as 86% of retail users are anonymous, is a massive missed opportunity for marketers. 

So let’s take a deeper look at anonymous users—who they are, why they matter, and how to reach them effectively via Braze.

Who are they and why do they matter to us, anyway?

By definition, we are referring to app or web visitors who engage without identifying themselves, rendering them anonymous from the perspective of the brand. For brands using the Braze customer engagement platform, all web and app visitors start as anonymous users. They do not become known users until the point at which they create an account or sign in whilst they engage with that brand.

With the standard for the number of brands communicating with anonymous users so low, it is worth noting that using just one channel to engage with these visitors can lead to a 5.3x increase in the likelihood to convert. That is a lot of potential with relatively low risk and effort. 

The Braze SDK enables brands to collect and act on real-time engagement on both the website and app for these unknown users. Checkout our favourite anonymous user engagement campaigns below.

  1. Encourage users to opt-in 

Leveraging in-product messages such as in-app messages or content cards is a great way to encourage user signups. Highlight the benefits of signing up, ensuring you are seamlessly linking to the signup page. 

Pro tip: make the signup process as frictionless as possible by using Braze’s Email Capture Form via in-app messages.

  1. Abandoned intent campaign

Your anonymous users may have abandoned their sign up, left after making a search or even left items in their cart. Whatever the case may be, they have experienced your brand, but are probably not aware of the full benefits, found what they are looking for, or confident in the product.

Whilst there are limitations with contacting these people via email, SMS or push, there are still creative ways to target these users via in-product messages when they return to your site!

Pro tip: be sure to deep link users to the exact point in which they dropped off, providing them with a clear path for next steps. 

  1. Survey and serve 

Although you can collect data on your anonymous users via the Braze SDK, sometimes the best thing you can do is just ask!

Use in-product messages such as in-browser or in-app messages to prompt anonymous users to provide you with some additional information such as their interests. 

Pro tip: leverage Braze’s Simple Survey IAM to easily collect preferences and log custom attribute values.

This can then be used to serve personalised content via content cards on the website, all without requiring the user to self-identify.

In summary

To stand out in today’s fast moving digital landscape, brands must consider an anonymous user engagement strategy. Brands that foster relationships and personalise experiences for anonymous users are not only taking advantage of Braze’s capability, but are also achieving strong ROI.

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