Eloqua Training

Our certified Eloqua Consultants provide hands on Eloqua training that illustrates real world applications of the software and is woven with marketing automation best practice know how. Our training caters to those who are new to marketing automation right through to more advanced training aimed at customer administrators.

Marketing Decisions caters to various group sizes and can conduct training onsite at your offices or alternatively at our Queensland headquarters. Our training programs may be tailored to suit your business needs.

Eloqua Training Courses

Eloqua Training 101 – Introductory (2 days)

This is our most popular course, designed for new Eloqua users. This course covers the basics from data management to setting up and executing your first campaign. The goal is for participants to be able to independently create their own automated campaigns using templated assets.

Eloqua Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the Eloqua data models available and how they relate to each other; identify how each one is relevant to your specific business.
  • Navigate the platform and identify features.
  • Upload data e.g. event attendees for nurturing and export data.
  • Build and upload HTML emails using the native editor.
  • Build landing pages and forms using the native editors.
  • Build your first live multi-step campaign, incorporating an email, landing page, form and SMS (if included in your licence).
  • Build a lead scoring model in order to effectively identify high value leads in your contact database.
  • Execute campaign reports to review your campaign performance.
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Eloqua Training 201 – Intermediate (2 days)

Our intermediate course is designed for Eloqua users who are looking to take their campaigns to next level. The course is based around the development of a client-specific campaign with data management, assets and automation planned and built. The goal is for attendees to be able to independently implement more advanced campaigns.

Eloqua Course Outcomes:

  • Understand website profiling so that you can better personify your prospects based on their visit behaviours.
  • Use automated page tagging to drive automation.
  • Build an advanced campaign utilising Custom Data Objects.
  • Use of Eloqua Sales Tools – Engage and Profiler, to determine most appropriate use for your organisation.
  • Build progressive profiling into your campaigns so that you can progressively build a profile of your prospects.
  • Use the Event module to manage multi session event registration and wait listing.
  • Configure Oracle AppCloud Apps for use in your campaigns (i.e. Webinar Integration, Service Cloud App, Form Submit Action).
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Eloqua Training 251 – Advanced (2 days)

This is an intensive course designed for those who will essentially become full time Eloqua Administrators. The course covers some of the more advanced features of Eloqua in depth e.g. Program Builder and Advanced Reporting, in addition to platform set up and configuration. Participants must have attended Eloqua 101 and have been using Eloqua regularly for at least 2-3 months following Eloqua 101 training.

Eloqua Course Outcomes:

  • Use advanced Eloqua Data Tools to allow you to manipulate your data – cleansing, de-duping, deriving and calculating.
  • Use Program Builder to conduct advanced data manipulation.
  • Use Program Canvas to conduct advanced data manipulation.
  • Build a custom Lead Scoring model using Program Builder in order to illustrate the power of Program Builder.
  • Build your own custom reports and dashboards (Analyser Reporting License required).
  • Deep dive into the Eloqua setup area and security groups settings.
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