Straight from the horse’s mouth

Gold Coast Titans: Team Picker 2022

Among a range of unique challenges facing the sporting industry, one of the most significant is converting a highly engaged social following to ticket and membership purchases. In a bid to overcome this, collaboration with the Titans’ marketing team, Marketing Decisions built and launched the Team Picker ahead of round 1 of the 2022 NRL season. The Team Picker is a custom tool developed to capture fan data and engage fans and members in a new way.

The Team Picker in action

In order to engage social followers in the Team Picker, organic and paid social was used to promote the new tool. 

From there, fans were taken to an Eloqua landing page, which hosted the solution. The Team Picker allowed users to select their starting line up by selecting a player for each position on the field. It even used clever logic to hide individual players from the options once they had already been selected.

After selecting their team, contacts entered an automated multichannel campaign that aimed to engage contacts ahead of the first game. This campaign included an autoresponder with each individual’s team list, and personalised communications based on their interest in 2022 membership.

And the results?

The Team Picker was a game changer for the Gold Coast Titans! Not only did it provide a qualified funnel of leads, it also engaged fans in a way that turned them from fans to fanatics!

But we’d rather let the numbers speak for themselves.

Of those fans who completed the Team Picker, 56% were new leads, accounting for a 5.1% increase to the Titans’ database.

The Team Picker asked fans to self-identify if they were interested in membership in 2022, and these qualified leads were sent to the call centre. Of these leads, 13% converted to membership, which is double the call centre conversion benchmark for Australia of 2-7% (ACXPA Supplier Directory, Telemarketing, 2022).

And we know that the fans loved it because the average time spent on the page for the Team Picker was 6 minutes and the form submission rate was 47%, both figures well above industry standards in Australia.

And the bottom line? The Titans saw a 1.7x return on investment for this campaign, making it commercially successful for the brand.

But in sport it is so much more than the numbers

Fans loved the Team Picker so much, they shouted it from the rooftops – or at least from their keyboards! Of the fans who completed the Team Picker, 12% proceeded to share it on their own socials. The Titans also received a flood of comments and messages on social channels in response to the Team Picker.

“It was really fun choosing the team and comparing teams with my partner!”

“I felt like I was the coach for the week! I got really pumped for Round 1.”“I got a headache – think I need to go for a HIA! [head injury assessment] So many good players!”